Hello! Welcome to Adventure of Letters! 

February Recap 2018

February Recap 2018

Hello! I'm sure you're new here because this is a new site that is still currently in progress of becoming my online shop, Adventure of Letters. In the meantime, you can buy the quirkiest hiphop, sneakerhead, and pun cards at www.adventureofletters.etsy.com!

Alright, that stuff aside, let's recap February for Adventure of Letters, by category (duh).

1. Swap coffee out for matcha latte. 
For 28 full days! The first 2 weeks were ROUGH. I was tired as heck and napping left and right. I don't think I remember the beginning of this month now that I think of it...

In the latter half of the month though, I realized I had WAY more energy. I still took naps, but I was feeling a pep in my step most days. I felt more alert and in focus. 



2. No sugar laden sugary drinks. 
No juice. No store bought matcha lattes. No boba. Did this and noticed cravings for sugar are way less. I literally chugged a glass of water every time I wanted a sugary drink. I also tried spa water and felt fancy as heck with strawberries and orange slices floating in my water. It was annoying to pick out all the little chunks from my water bottle, but I think I'd do it again. 

3. Meditation & Yoga /CARS
Nightly meditation (15min) , morning yoga (15-20min), CARs exercises for PT

Overall, noticed more calm. Anxious feelings would come up during high stress situations throughout the day, and I felt like I calmly took care of them instead of having a meltdown. I have been a reader of Leo's blog, Zen Habits, and it's such a great read. Every blog post I can read over and over and gain new insight every time. I highly suggest checking it out. 

1. Growth/Sales/Features!
February was an insane growth month for AOL. I hit 300+ sales and it blew the past 2 years out of the water. I've never had this many sales and it got to the point that I was overwhelmed with orders. 13 orders in a day was my max! I'll be honest.. I got super anxious about sending the correct person the correct order in the end. Such is the life when you're a 1 person business. 

On top of all that growth, my "Perfect Match" card was also featured in Mashable this year! 


2. Sneakerhead collection
I designed more sneakerhead/shoe cards this year. Last year, I launched a Yeezy card. This year I launched Yeezy 2.0 card and 3 Jordan cards. This year's version of Yeezy flew to best seller within a week. WHOA. 


3. Wholesale/Independent Online Shop
February - April is usually a lull, so I'm expanding products to more than cards. I'm also working on designing my wholesale catalog and this website. I'm attempting to do it myself for now, but there are definitely some days that I feel willing to pay someone to set up this site/shop for me. 

1. Typography Portfolio
I've decided on wanting to specialize in lettering/typography, so I gotta make my portfolio match! This is time consuming, but fun. I'm focused on high volume of creating work right now, not caring too much for refining or perfection. I'm the type of person to have 1 billion ideas floating around my head and written in my 5 agenda/notebooks, but I just cannot find the time to actually DO them. 

This is why I started doing "High Volume Creation". I just create and let my creativity flow uninhibited. After, I look if there's a project I especially liked or think has high potential, and I develop it further or refine the art work. 

Most people know me to be the teacher turned graphic designer, but I actually see myself more as a designer and lettering artist. I'd lump myself into experimental typography more than digital typography. I'm all about hand drawn, bespoke, and analog methods first. I like irregularity and imperfection in my work, though most people disagree and label me as a perfectionist. They're right though. I DO often purposely design imperfection in my work. 

Here's one of the projects I worked on for my portfolio: 


That's all for now! I'll be trying to write more and update studio life and shop stuff here from now on. (It's in my March goals to blog once a week!)


Finally Updating Shop Items!

Finally Updating Shop Items!